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Massage Therapy
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"Massage is not just a luxury,

it's a way to a healthier, happier life" - Unknown

Massage Therapy is suitable for anyone suffering from muscle pain and joint stiffness and for those who want to relax to get rid of the stress.

Using various massage techniques I will focus on the area of your body that needs treatment to help the soft tissues to release.

No matter which specific issue you have, the massage I offer is custom-built just for you.

Massage Therapy can help to:

  • speed up the recovery process after a sport event or following an injury

  • release muscle and joint stiffness

  • relieve pain

  • provide relaxation

If you suffer of back or neck pain because of a sedentary job, or you feel restricted in your movements, the way out may be Massage Therapy.

Everyone can benefit from Massage Therapy and thanks to my experience and my attention to clients you will feel that you are in good hands.


How does Massage Therapy work?


Health status

Before our first appointment, I will ask you to fill out a form to assess your health status and confirm the consent to treatment.

The first appointment

The initial appointment will last 60 or 90 minutes according to how many area of the body you want me to target. In 60 minutes I can treat the upper or the lower body, while a 90 minutes session allows me to work total body.


Before starting the treatment I will ask you a few questions about the issue you want me to treat. I will then ask you to take some of your clothes off to perform a quick postural assessment and some tests to understand the source of your problem. This procedure will take about 10 minutes. Once the initial assessment is completed I will start the massage.

I use multiple techniques to help release tension, relieve pain and improve mobility. For those booking a Sports Massage session, the treatment can be a bit aching, therefore, it is very important that you communicate with me during the massage. I will ask you for feedback that will help me choose the right hand pressure to use with you and understand in which condition your tissues are. I could also ask you to change position multiple times according to the issue I need to address. Communication is verry important and will help me to identify if any inflammation is present or if there is any other issue to address.


Follow-up appointments

What happens after the first appointment will depend on the problem I have encountered.

If you came to visit me for a relaxing massage, probably you will not need a follow-up appointment the following week (unless you want to repeat the experience).

If you booked an appointment because of muscle tension or pain, some follow-up sessions may be necessary. I usually meet clients for a first follow-up session the week after our first appointment. In this way they can give me a feedback and I can use my hands to feel the changes in their body. This will allow me to decide the best plan for you.


In my experience, it could take from three to five sessions (one per week) to solve a musculoskeletal problem. However, this is very subjective and depends on how your body reacts to the treatment. Once the problem is sorted, many clients decide to book a periodic maintanance massage (usually once a month) to prevent their issue to occur again.

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Most of the requests I receive are for Sports Massage. If you want to know more about this type of massage, please have a look at some of the most common questions below.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage aims to alleviate pain caused by muscle shortening, joint dysfunction, neuromuscular inefficiency and injuries. Ordinary massage is usually used for relaxation, while Sports Massage is a focused and anatomically specific massage that targets your physical issues.

Sports Massage helps to increase flexibility, releasing and reducing muscle tension. Therefore, it’s an excellent way to promote recovery, restore your body after an injury and relieve your pain. Also, Sports Massage improves circulation and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness promoting body relaxation. All these factors contribute to the healing process after injury and to prevent further issues.


Who can benefit from Sports Massage?

Originally, Sports Massage was designed to help athletes before, during and after competition. However, you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from Sports Massage as it can help anyone who needs soft tissue mobilisation. Whether you are an athlete dealing with injury, an office employee with back pain, or you struggle with conditions such as sciatica or migraines, Sports Massage can help you. 


What happens after a Sports Massage?

The body reaction to Sports Massage is subjective; it varies from individual to individual.

Generally speaking, the same night after a Sports Massage session you will probably sleep better. Then you could feel sore for a couple of days, like if you worked out in the gym, but then you will enjoy the benefits of Sports Massage.

If you are ready for your first Sports Massage session with me, click the button below to book your appointment!


I had plenty of massages before, but nobody has ever assessed my posture before a massage, and that was a very welcome addition to a really relaxing and effective session. I found Valentina professional, trustworthy and capable; at the end of the treatment I was so relaxed that I was ready for a nap, and the fact that Valentina came to my place meant that I could actually have a lie-down and feel even more refreshed afterwards! Highly recommended.


—  Elena M, Software QA and Test Engineer

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