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I offer a wide range of services to help you get fit and living a healthy lifestyle

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

Are you suffering from pain or discomfort?

Ignoring these symptoms can have detrimental consequences to your body.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, or simply experiencing a touch of muscle pain, you don’t have to suffer alone. I am a certified Sport Therapist who can build you an effective and easy recovery strategy. Remember, ignoring the problem does not make it go away.

Book in now for an initial assessment.


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is essential in aiding recovery and boosting performance for those engaging in intense exercise. 


I offer a variety of Massage services, all of which strive towards the same goal of strong and healthy fitness performance. 


  • Sports and Remedial Massage: Aims to alleviate pain caused by muscle shortening, joint dysfunction, neuromuscular inefficiency and injuries. Essential for those taking part in regular, high intensity exercise.

  • Swedish Massage: Stimulates circulation within the body, flushes the circulatory system, releases tight muscles, restores range of motion and relieves muscle pain. Relaxing and restorative.


Sign up for a 1 hour starter appointment, in which I will perform a postural and mobility assessment to evaluate your physical status.


Personal Training


Achieving your goals can be difficult and undertaking a new journey without exactly knowing what to do could result in setbacks rather than gains.


With my Personal Training services you will have a dedicated guide that will create a tailored training plan to help you reaching your goals in certainty and without any headaches.


As well as training correctly, you will also learn to exercise efficiently and safely to maximise your potential.



I had plenty of massages before, but nobody has ever assessed my posture before a massage, and that was a very welcome addition to a really relaxing and effective session. I found Valentina professional, trustworthy and capable; at the end of the treatment I was so relaxed that I was ready for a nap, and the fact that Valentina came to my place meant that I could actually have a lie-down and feel even more refreshed afterwards! Highly recommended.


—  Elena M, Software QA and Test Engineer

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