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If you are looking for Online Personal Training with a qualified professional, you are in the right place.

I am a qualified Sport Therapist and Personal Trainer with a Sports Medicine MSc and a Sport and Exercise Science BSc. I am a member of the Sport Therapy Association and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. The knowledge and experience that I developed in the last 15 years allow me to offer the best service to clients who want to achieve various kinds of targets.

I help people to keep fit and healthy, finding the right balance between exercise, work, social meetings and everyday life commitments. The Online Coaching service is particularly suitable for those people with a busy life who want to keep fit, but struggle in finding time to go to the gym.


If you want to know more about my Online Coaching service, have a look at the common questions I receive below.



Who is Online Coaching for?

As per the Personal Training service, people contact me to exercise online for different reasons. The main differences between clients who require gym sessions and those who choose the online service are the lack of time to go to the gym, the need to be more independent and the lack of confidence in exercising in the gym environment. The Online Coaching service allows people to exercise in the comfort of their home, in the park or on their own and having the same support and quality of service provided to those who choose the one-to-one Personal Training service in the gym.

How does the Online Coaching service work?

Online Coaching is the online Personal Training service that I offer to people who want to exercise at home or that only require a training plan to perform in their gym on their own.

As per the one-to-one Personal Training service, there will be an initial online consultation. What happens next depends on the kind of service you choose: clients who only require a training plan to exercise on their own, will go through an initial online session to allow me to understand their mobility/flexibility and physical status, so that I can create a training plan tailored on their needs. Clients who want to exercise with LIVE online sessions will start working out with me from the first live session.

If you live in Nottingham, the physical assessment for mobility/flexibility can be done in person.

Choosing the training plan to exercise on your own does not mean that you will be alone. Every Friday I will get in touch to have feedback about your last training week so that you can keep me updated about your progress or let me know if there is any issue that requires an amendment of the training plan. Also, I am always available during my working hours to answer your questions and support you via WhatsApp.

How is the exercise plan delivered?

To ensure all exercises are properly performed when working out by yourself, I offer a mobile app that is completely free for my clients. Using this app you will have your training plan with the videos and the description of each exercise, and the possibility to record yourself during the exercise execution, so that I can check your technique even if you are not working out with me at that moment. Also, you will be able to use the app to track your physical progress and nutrition plan.



I had plenty of massages before, but nobody has ever assessed my posture before a massage, and that was a very welcome addition to a really relaxing and effective session. I found Valentina professional, trustworthy and capable; at the end of the treatment I was so relaxed that I was ready for a nap, and the fact that Valentina came to my place meant that I could actually have a lie-down and feel even more refreshed afterwards! Highly recommended.


—  Elena M, Software QA and Test Engineer

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